From an ingenious Kiwi idea, CZone has become a world leader of digital switching technology that integrates, monitors and controls marine electrical systems. REDHOT Marine service the greater Wellington region so contact us today.


CZONE - Control at your fingertips

Utilising CZone, REDHOT Marine can remove cumbersome traditional wiring and switches and enable you to turn everything on and off via a CZone screen, an iPad or even a keyring remote! That means you can remotely power up systems, even before heading to the boat, to reduce on board preparation.

CZone can monitor tank levels and battery capacity alongside radar, fishfinder, video and chart plotter information. Entertainment mode enables activation of lights, music, and TV.

Boat owners can receive instant alerts to a mobile device from CZone for critical data, notifying of any potential problems. And when you’re finished for the day, simply press “systems off” to turn off all non-essential circuits.

Once you’re in the CZone, you’ll never go back!


If you'd like to know more about CZone Digital Switching fill out the form below or call REDHOT Marine on 04-568-3181.